The Black Fish

A growing movement working for the oceans.

Established in 2010 and having grown rapidly since, The Black Fish is a grassroots movement that inspires ordinary citizens to help expose illegal fishing in European seas. The organisation trains volunteers to collect evidence and supports official enforcement in the process.

For the last five years The Black Fish has also organised extensive public speaking tours, with over 100 events aimed at raising awareness on the need to protect the oceans for future generations.

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Citizen Inspector Network

The world’s largest independent fisheries monitoring network.

Citizen Inspectors are civilian fishing inspectors that collect evidence of illegal fishing practices during their holiday time and enable enforcement officials to direct their work more strategically as a result.

The Citizen Inspector Network, which is operated by The Black Fish, has set out to train 1,600 inspectors by 2025, soon to be the largest fisheries enforcement network in the world.

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Wildlife Air Service

Aviation for conservation. Nature’s very own air force.

The Wildlife Air Service is a civilian air service for conservation. Making use of private pilots and their aircraft, the service mobilises the civil aviation community to give conservation efforts eyes in the sky and help identify wildlife crime to aid enforcement efforts accordingly.

Operated from Cambridge, UK, the Wildlife Air Service is currently expanding its work across Europe and beyond to assist in efforts to halt pirate fishing, wildlife poaching and illegal logging.

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Sea Ranger Service

Operating a global maritime ranger service

The Sea Ranger Service is a social enterprise which assists authorities in their fisheries enforcement needs. It also carries out marine landscape restoration and has capabilities to initiate search and rescue operations.

What makes the Sea Ranger Service unique is that it offers maritime education opportunities to unemployed young people. Retired navy personnel are involved in training these young Sea Rangers, which in turn supports them in their reintegration from military into civilian life.

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The Ocean Hub

Innovation hub for ocean conservation

Built as the world’s first physical hub to accelerate ocean conservation efforts, the Ocean Hub brings together non-profits, businesses and individuals to facilitate active development of ocean solutions.

The Ocean Hub will be located in the Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and include an eco ship yard, maritime enforcement control room, fisheries forensic laboratory, group accommodation, training facilities and a cafe. Expected to be fully operational by 2020.

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Fishing Crime

Tackling illegal fishing as a form of organised crime.

The Fishing Crime initiative is a legislative effort to get illegal fishing officially recognised as a form of organised crime. It aims to offer new opportunities to prosecutors when dealing with illegal fishing cases.

To launch the initiative, The Black Fish and Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime joined forces in the production of a groundbreaking report that details the hidden links between global organized crime syndicates and the fishing industry.

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